Archangel Dragon Breeding
Available at Level 2
Incubation Time 18:00:00
Rarity Basic
Sell Value 144,000 coins
Buy Value 8,000,000 coins
Breeding XP 30,000
Archangel Dragon Arena Records
Archangel Dragon at Neggs Network
Archangel Dragon Breeding
Breed a Sun Dragon and a Gaia Dragon until you get a Archangel Dragon.

The most efficient method of breeding a Archangel dragon is to breed
a Sun Dragon and a Gaia Dragon together. If you don't get the Archangel dragon the first time, don't be discouraged, you'll get lucky soon enough.
Archangel Dragon Information
Deus himself created the Archangel Dragon when he was a brave young god. When he needs something done, he chooses the Archangel Dragon for the job.