Electric Dragon Breeding
Available at Level 10
Incubation Time 4:00:00
Rarity Basic
Immune to
Sell Value 100 coins
Buy Value 30,000 coins
Breeding XP 5,000
Electric Dragon Arena Records
Electric Dragon at Neggs Network
Electric Dragon Breeding
Breed a Laser Dragon and a Lantern Fish Dragon until you get a Electric Dragon.

The most efficient method of breeding a Electric dragon is to breed
a Laser Dragon and a Lantern Fish Dragon together. If you don't get the Electric dragon the first time, don't be discouraged, you'll get lucky soon enough.
Electric Dragon Information
The tale tells us this dragon was born in a great storm that took place in the dark ages when an ordinary dragon got hit by a lightning. Since that day, you can see them on the skies, looking for a shock.