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Maya Whereabouts are you from? 2 days ago
Jaden I'm a housewife 4 days ago
Jeremiah this post is fantastic 7 days ago
Arianna Where are you calling from? 8 days ago
Chloe I'll send you a text 9 days ago
Genesis Accountant supermarket manager 9 days ago
Brianna I'm afraid that number's ex-directory 9 days ago
Camila I'm from England 10 days ago
ZaTigggy PLEASE ADD ME ON GAME CENTER: ZaTigggy !!!!! 3 months ago
Nicole How do you do? ventol 7 months ago
sebbuss moimeme ola ola les amis 9 months ago
RydSVSJcwjNyxRqRNME I have to show some thanks to this wrteir for rescuing me fr 9 months ago
Ivan Moriarty   9 months ago
abnsfsf andare 11 months ago
Dragon Give some update the fight of dragon and more animation. 11 months ago
vela raja 11 months ago
Kyle kirkhart How do u get a pirate &/or soccer dragon? 11 months ago
jewelz22 How do you get neighbors? 11 months ago
jericho panget ang dragont city dimon 11 months ago
gfrfgyfcmh iwteyudfsgahrjtyrueieiudysgejj 11 months ago
king_mohamed500!@ YAG\HOO.COM rerer 11 months ago